Sunday, February 15, 2009

Become a member of the Read My Lipstick Network

Place either the blogroll code (below) or one of the logos on the right onto the main page of your blog or website. The blogroll or logo should be prominently displayed in the top 1/2 of the main page of your blog or website. We prefer that you use the blogroll as it is self-updating, but understand some blogs will not accept the code.

Blogroll code: In blogger you will use the layout / add a gadget feature to insert the code on your sidebar. Other websites and blogs will insert as HTML code.

Logo use: Copy and save the RMLN logo (on sidebar) that works best on your blog / website to your hard drive. Then, add the RMLN logo to your sidebar or other prominently visible place and link it to: The larger logo works great on the sidebar of most blogs.

Send us an email when you've added the logo link. If we haven’t already done so, we’ll check out your blog and of it meets our guidelines, we’ll get your blog added to all our members lists and let our current members know about your blog.

We promote all of our members to others and encourage you to “follow” and / or subscribe to as many member blogs and websites as you possibly can and they will do the same for your blog or website.

Our member blogs focus on supporting conservative views, family values, and promoting conservative precepts. With the new White House and major shift in our political makeup, we’re really going to be needed as many of us will be working to support Sarah Palin for 2012 and all of us will be doing everything we can to help preserve our values and freedoms.

- One fun thing we’d like to ask you to do is visit: and put a pin in the map so we know where you’re located! Feel free to add a photo or comment, too.

- We have a Facebook page, our “name” is Read M Lipstick if you’d like to find us! We also have a MySpace page,

- We strongly urge our members to join Twitter ( and then “follow” us (readmylipstick). Please put #RMLN in your profile so others know you’re a member. Also, if you’ll use the #rmln hashtag when you post anything political it’ll help us promote the Network, which helps us promote your blog(s).

If you’re going to Tweet, be sure to register on and “follow” your favorites from their list of members. Once you’re on Twitter, visit and set your blog(s) up to link on Twitter. It’ll help your readership and help the conservative cause, too.

One more thing we’d appreciate, please sign up on the RMLN blog or on for email notification when we post a message.

That’s how we’ll notify you when another member has joined so you can update other lists, check out their blogs and maybe even comment on them! If you’re on Blogger or have the ability to “follow” the blog, that will work just as well. We don’t send out many updates, but we do want you to know when we add a new blog or when major changes are getting ready to happen. On occasion we may send out an email but we’ll try not to do it very often.

Thanks for supporting the values that our country was built upon and those that make us the best place in the world to live!


Christinewjc said...

i joined several weeks ago but haven't been added to the blogroll yet.

Please add my blog?



Ron Russell said...

Very good idea. I've added you to my blog at "National Tea Party"

Please consider listing me on the network. I also have a number of other conservative political blogs.